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Analytical Charges
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Gas Chromatograph (GC)

Make: Shimadzu Corporation, Japan
Model: GCMS-QP2020EI NX, Auto injector AOC-20i plus and FID

CAI-K Gas Chromatograph (GC)

GC is an analytical instrument which is mainly used to separate volatile organic compounds which consists of a flowing mobile phase, an injection port, a separating column containing the stationary phase and a detector. The separation of the components takes place in the column on the basis of the physico-chemical interaction of the components with the stationary and the mobile phase. The components eluted from the column are detected and quantified by the detector.


  • Analyzing flavour and fragrance compounds
  • Analysis of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates
  • To trace volatile impurities in solid and liquid matrices


Column: DB1 column (Length-30m, ID- 0.25mm, Film Thickness-0.25micrometre)
Carrier Gas: N2 (99.995%)
Detector: FID & ECD
Integrator Software: GC Solutions


  • Samples must be volatile and thermally stable
  • Samples must be extracted out in organic solvents (except aqueous extract)
  • If solvent free extract is being given for the analysis, please mention the solvent which was used for the extraction.
  • Submit samples in air tight glass vials

Sample Requirement

1g (in fine powder form) / 2ml (in liquid form).
Note:Samples in aqueous medium are not allowed for this method of Instrumental analysis

Instrument Status


Analytical Charges

Sorry, This facility is not available, for further information, please contact The Scientist - In charge, Center for Analytical Instrumentation - Kerala (CAI-K).