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Sample Submission

It is always better to contact us prior to submitting any samples in order to discuss your needs and the goals of your project, estimates concerning cost and turn-around time.

ASR Form

To submit samples for analysis, you must fill out the online Analytical Service Registration form ( and submit it. We will send the registration ID and Invoice details to your registered e-mail ID. Follow the instructions given in the e-mail.

Submitting samples to our laboratory correctly allows us to process your samples efficiently and minimise any potential delays. Here are some tips to assist you in this regard:

  • All liquid samples must be sent in resealable leak-proof screw topped bottles (septum vials) inside a leak-proof container. Samples should be packed well so that no damage occurs during transport. Any evidence of damage or loss of sample during transport will be reported to the client upon receipt of the samples.
  • All containers must have the backside of vial free from tape or other label material. It is best to write on vial surface with a Sharp marker and apply transparent tape over the written portion. It is important to have sample ID on sample vial container not the vial cap. Please make sure your sample ID on the vial and the online request match. This will avoid any confusion that may occur
  • Perishable samples should be packed with dry ice in an insulated container and shipped overnight.
  • Samples are only representative of the area they were taken from for a specific length of time before sample preparation or analysis must begin. This is defined as the "holding time." it is up to the client to determine if results meet holding times. To ensure holding times are met, we request that you provide the laboratory with prior notice of sampling when short holding time tests are involved. These samples must arrive at the laboratory to allow sufficient time to conduct the analysis - generally before 10am.
  • Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
  • For each instrument, separate samples and requisition letter (with details of requirements/specifications of the sample etc.) should be sent.
  • Please send appropriate amount of samples for the analysis. Please refer the instrument description provided in the Facilities page of this website for the minimum amount of sample required for a specific instrumental method of analysis.
  • It is the client's responsibility to notify if specific detection limits are required, otherwise we will perform the analysis to routine or general industry accepted limits. Most analyses become more expensive and time-consuming when detection limits are lowered and will incur extra charges. In some cases, specified detection limits may not be achievable if the sample contains interferences or has a high moisture or salt content.
  • Samples are not returned unless a special request is made (Indicate this on Sample Submission form). Unclaimed samples will be discarded 10 days after data is sent from the laboratory.
  • Samples should be sent along with 100% of the estimated charge(s) in advance.
    Please refer Analytical Charges page for estimating the analytical charges.
  • All samples should be accompanied by the following documentation: Full name and contact address of the submitter including telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address; Number of samples and list of samples names; Parameters to be analysed, Details on any sample preservatives added; Details of any special treatment required such as drying, filtering, etc and Demand Draft or the 'Payment done' details.
  • Provide complete contact address including Email ID and Phone numbers (Landline/mobile) of the contact person (for clarifications regarding samples; if any), while sending the samples. Samples received without proper contact details will not be analyzed.
  • Normal receiving hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please contact CAI-K, if you would like to schedule a special delivery time.
  • Samples send to the following mailing address or submit in person.

    1. The Scientist - In charge
      Centre for Analytical Instrumentation - Kerala (CAI-K)
      KSCSTE - Kerala Forest Research Institute
      Peechi, Thrissur - 680653, Kerala, India

    If you have any questions about the sample submission, please feel free to contact the Scientist - In charge via Phone : + 91-487-2690147 or by e-mail