About CAI-K
History, objectives and scope of this organisation.
CAI-K is a part of KFRI which is an institution of KSCSTE.
The Team
Our team is what, or who, makes us truly great.


KFRI, the parent Organisation of CAIK is an institution of KSCSTE, organised under the department of science and technology, Government of Kerala.


Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE)

The Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) is an autonomous body under the ministry of S&T, Kerala, constituted in November 2002 to be an agency for change and development through science and technology. Formerly it was the Science, Technology and Environment Committee (STEC), established in 1972 in concurrence with the Science Policy of Government of India. The council promotes and activates programs for increasing the stock of knowledge in science, and fine tunes policies which are significant and for the sustained development of humanity. The council prepares the road map for development through scientific research and innovation in technologies in the state of Kerala. Achieving excellence in basic research, academia-industry interactions, strengthening indigenous initiatives, and building strong infrastructure and developing a high quality science education system in the State are our targeted goals. This has been achieved through various schemes or programs and by the R &D organisations established by the council. The present proposal aims to achieve the major objectives of KSCSTE including, creating excellence in basic as well as applied research; establishing strong infrastructure for research in science, technology and environment; developing a high quality science education system in state and propagating the application of science and technology by establishing a sophisticated facility in one of the Research and Development Institutions under its umbrella. Read more at KSCSTE website.


Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI)

Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) is a multidisciplinary team of experts conducting research on tropical forests and forestry. This Institute has contributed significantly to research in tropical forestry and biodiversity conservation over the past three decades of its existence. Founded in 1975, the Institute is envisioned as a Centre of Excellence in Tropical Forestry and Environment to provide scientific support for decision making on matters related to forestry and environment, with particular emphasis on conservation, sustainable utilization and scientific management of natural resources. With the formation of KSCSTE in 2002, the Institute was brought under the Council along with other Research and Development Institutions of the State.

KFRI has a long standing history in the development of scientific acumen in the State of Kerala through its continuous involvement in the society oriented programmes and extension activities. Many of its research finding were leading lights to society in nature conservation and environmental vigilance. Even though located in the interior rural area of Peechi, KFRI is equipped with most modern research facilities which are accessible to students and researchers across nation. Since 2003, under the aegis of KSCSTE, KFRI expanded its wings towards many major research areas such as climate change, bio-formulation technologies etc and also established many facilities for use of research and academic communities. Read more at KFRI website.