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Analytical Services
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CAIK Analytical Charges
Analytical Charges
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Make: Perkin Elmer Inc, USA


Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, deals with the vibration of molecules. Each functional group has its own distinct vibrational energy, which can be used to identify a molecule through the combination of all of the functional groups. When infrared radiation is passed through a sample, some radiation is absorbed by the sample and some is transmitted. The resulting signal at the detector is a spectrum representing a molecular ‘fingerprint’ of the sample. The usefulness of FT-IR is that the different chemical structures (molecules) produce different spectral fingerprints, which could function as a signature pattern.


  • Environment: Analysing soil, monitoring air and water quality to address environmental and health concerns.
  • Food : Rapid determination of the trans-fat content of manufactured food products using Attenuated Total Reflectance (U-ATR).
  • Polymers and plastics: Quickly and definitely identify compounds such as compounded plastic, blends, fillers, paints, rubbers, coatings, resins and adhesives.


  • Wave number range: 350-8300 cm-1
  • Resolution: 0.5 cm-1
  • Wavelength accuracy: 0.1 cm-1
  • Wavelength precision: 0.01 cm-1
  • ATR: ATR with monolithic diamond crystal
  • Detector: High intensity ceramic light source with hotspot stabilization
  • Software: Spectrum IR


  • Any kind of solid sample, powdered samples and thin films can be analysed but avoid carcinogenic/corrosive/ infectious material/highly acidic or alkaline samples which may affect the optical components.
  • Samples should be homogeneous and well packed in the sample holder so that it will not spill out and fall on the lens.

Sample Requirement

Solid : ~50 mg (powder)
Thin film : 1.0-1.5 cm
Solution : ~5 ml, Solvent must be specified for solution studies.

Instrument Status


Analytical Charges

Facility/ Equipment Rates for sample analysis (Rs) Service tax -18 % extra)
KSCSTE Labs Edu. Insti. Govt R&D Labs Industries
FTIR 190.00 380.00 760.00 1140.00