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Analytical Services
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CAIK Analytical Charges
Analytical Charges
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Microwave Digester

Make: M/s. Perkin Elmer. Inc, USA

CAI-K Microwave Digester

Elemental analysis using ICP or AAS requires the digestion of samples before analysis. The microwave digester instrument has been designed to perform chemical digestion procedures under extreme pressure and temperature conditions in chemical laboratories. Digestion is understood to mean the decomposition of a solid material by means of a suitable reagent at increased temperature in a vessel that is permeable with regard to microwaves.

Digestion reagents used can include nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acids well as mixtures of these acids.


    Typical application areas for microwave digestion include food, environmental analysis, medicine, biology, agricultural, pharmaceutical analysis, materials, geology, energy, metals and the plastics industry.


  • Optical monitoring systems: Direct Temperature Control (DTC), Direct Pressure Control (DPC).
  • Maximum pressure rating: 40 bar (16 position).
  • Vessel Design: Solid TFMTM fluoropolymer construction for body, pressure seal and screw cap.
  • Digestion Vessel Volume: 75 mL.


  • Any kind of solid/ liquid materials can be digested using this system.
  • Solid samples must be well dried, and powdered.

Sample Requirement

1-2 g (Fine powder), 3-20 ml (for liquid samples)

Instrument Status


Analytical Charges

Facility/ Equipment Rates for sample analysis (Rs) Service tax -18 % extra)
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